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Diving in Gran Canaria
Get ready for some amazing dives!

Diving Gran Canaria underwater at night -large hermit crabs (Dardanus calidus)
Gran Canaria is one of the best places to dive in the Canaries and Europe!
It has an amazing climate that means we can dive all year round in wetsuits, in sub-tropical waters warmed by the gulf stream. Visibility is good in winter an excellent in summer and autumn, and the variety and colours of the marine life will amaze you! "I didn't expect to see so much!" is a common response after diving in Gran Canaria for the first time.

Where to Dive in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria - The best places to dive and snorkel

Coming to Gran Canaria, and looking for the best places for scuba diving? Then the Spanish national newspaper El Páis said don't miss the most popular site "El Cabrón" or Arinaga Marine Reserve. The combination of beautiful underwater scenery, and ten amazing dive routes filled with abundant and varied marine life in big shoals have made this the most popular dive site on Gran Canaria, and our PADI 5-Star Dive Centre at Casa Limon is right next to it.

Other sites with a great reputation include Sardina on the north coast, Las Palmas (for wrecks and 'La Catedral') and Tufia. In the South-west the best diving sites are the Mogan Wreck and the Pasito Blanco reef.

Read our guide to the best diving sites in Gran Canaria and make sure you don't end up on one of boring sites!

What will I see when Scuba Diving in Gran Canaria?

The brightly coloured parrotfish (Sparisoma cretense) is emblematic of the Marine Reserve You can buddy up with other experienced scuba divers here all year round and we are always finding amazing creatures, with endangered species such as angel sharks, filefish and rays in winter and spring, sea-horses and triggerfish in summer and big shoals all year round. For the photographers there are brightly coloured glasseyes, tiger morays, cleaner shrimps, nudibranchii, and cephlapods.

Dive with triggerfish in the warm subtropical waters of the El Cabrón marine reserve
dive in gran canaria and There's surprises everywhere here - nudibranch
This Tiger Moray can be found at several places in the Arinaga marine reserve
Dive into the shoals of fish of the El Cabrón marine reserve

Our mature multi-lingual instructors know the best sites in Gran Canaria for diving, and we can show you stunning underwater scenery, big shoals of fish or mysterious wrecks. On our 'local patch' you can rely on their expert local knowledge to show you the hidden secret such as the hiding places of the spiny pufferfish, or other rare species and 'special places' in the El Cabrón Marine Reserve such as the local cleaning stations or hidden caves.

Choose your Diving Trips in Gran Canaria

We cater for divers with all levels of skill from none to expert. Choose the programmes that suit you and your diving partners best.

Who recommends the El Cabrón area for diving in Gran Canaria?

The Canaries best dives sites are found here
The Canaries best dives are found here
  • "Best Diving in Gran Canaria" - Dive Magazine
  • "Best place to dive is at El Cabrón" - AA Pocket Guide
  • "One of the most spectacular sites in the Canary Islands"
    - Diving in Canaries (Sergio Hanquet)
  • The Gando-Arinaga area is one of the richest in fish species of the Canary Islands. (BIOGES - University of Las Palmas)
  • El Cabrón is one of the best zones for scuba diving in Gran Canaria (El País newspaper March 2018)
5-star PADI Course Gran Canaria 5 stars - "Perfect guided dives in the El Cabron Marine Reserve"

Mr boyfriend and I are both Advanced Open Water divers, and as soon as our credentials and insurance were checked (as it should be!) we were off on 10 awesome and varied dives on the marine reserve and also in the north of the island in Sardina. As we are experienced in diving around the world, it was fantastic to know how safe and knowledgeable the team were - especially Ed and Brett! We really could not have asked for more. I highly recommend Davy Jones for their professionalism, experience and friendliness. I would most certainly return!

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Certificate of Excellence
Gran Canaria - TripAdvisor Certificate of excellence winner
  • "Topspot - De unieke duikplaatsen in het natuurpark voor Arinaga"
    Duiken Magazine
  • "La variada y confiada fauna, junto a un fácil accesso, han hecho de esta zona la más visitada de Gran Canaria"Guía de Buceo España
  • Listed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest by the European Union since 28/12/2001.

How to dive and explore Gran Canaria's favourite divesite

 Gran Canaria Diving at night -large hermit crabs (Dardanus calidus) underwater

We are the closest PADI 5 Star Diving Centre to this amazing high-energy divesite, and our expert professional instructors know the highlights, the sights and the secrets better than anyone else. Our team is mature, speak English, Spanish, German, Dutch and Italian, and we have three PADI Elite Instructors.Our Dive Centre in Casa Limon has some of the best facilities in the Canaries, including a large private garden to relax in between your dives. With our reputation, facilities and experienced multi-lingual staff it is little wonder we are one of the three most popular PADI 5-star Dive Centres on Gran Canaria and we offer a great dive experience for everyone from complete beginners up to experienced scuba divers. We are a family friendly diving centre where your safety is highly important, as is making sure you enjoy Gran Canaria's best diving site.

The first time you dive in the subtropical waters around this Island you will be amazed not only by the huge shoals of fish but also the variety of colours and species, from minute hermit crabs and vivid damselfish up to intriguing but critically endangered species including angel sharks. The relatively low levels of sea urchins, and good plankton production, means that this area still has thriving habitats and good biodiversity compared to many of the other dive sites in the Canaries.

Typical Diving Conditions in Gran Canaria

This short video taken while diving Gran Canaria in winter 2018 (diving in January and February)) will give a good idea of typical visibility and conditions. Below are some typical highlights. See other diving videos on our YouTube Channel

PADI Open Water and other diving courses

Seahorses (Hippocampus hippocampus) make your dive really special

We are one of the top ten PADI Five Star Dive Centres in the Canaries, and already hold two PADI Certificates of Excellence. Our PADI Elite Instructors are mainly at the senior MSDT level, and fluent in English, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian, and you can pick from the complete list of all our PADI courses including our highly rated PADI Open Water Course or our Introductory try-dive experience for beginners, pages on snorkeling in the Arinaga area, and don't miss more challenging courses such as the PADI Advanced Open Water Course!

Dive with your partner in the warm subtropical waters of the El Cabrón marine reserve
Tiger Moray (Enchelcore anatina)
Gran Canaria diving - The school of grunts (Pomadasys incisus) is always a majestic sight
Grunts (Pomadasys incisus)
Get close to the angel shark (squatina squatina)
Angel shark (Squatina Squatina)
The Hairy Blenny (Labrisomus muchipinnis)shows its mating colours in Autumn
Hairy Blenny (Labrisomus muchipinnis)